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Colorado Child Care Contribution Credit

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More Than Half of Your Donation Comes Back to You. Whether or not you have children, you can receive this tax credit!

Help increase the quality and availability of child care in Weld County through the Colorado Child Care Contribution Credit (5C).

- A recommended gift of $1000 or more.

- Directed to a qualifying program or agency.

- Eligible for 50% tax credit on state income tax.


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Enterprise Zone Tax Credit

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Help increase the economic viability of individuals and families in Weld County through the EZ.

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The Enterprise Zone (EZ) Contribution Tax Credit helps create and retain jobs, promotes nonprofits and community development projects, and assists homeless shelters that provide employment-related services in EZs. Taxpayers are able to assist local EZs in helping implement their economic development plans.


- Minimum Gift of $100 or more.

- Directed to Northeast 2-1-1 Information and Referral, a Weld County EZ program

- Eligible for 25% tax credit for cash donations and 12.5% for Inkind donations.


Cash: minimum $100 / 25% deduction
In-Kind: minimum $1,000 / 12.5% deduction

(1.5% management fee to Upstate Colorado)


Go to
Click on: Request a Letter ID
In the ID Type drop down box select: social security #
Fill in SS#, First Name, Last Name and submit.

You will receive a letter from the state that lists your Colorado Account Number in the upper right hand corner (this number does not include any letters)

Please provide this number to United Way of Weld County to allow us to process the paperwork for the 25% Weld County EZ state income tax credit


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