What does it mean to Live United?

• It means recognizing that whether or not we know a child on the other side of town, it matters to us if that child grows up to be a contributing member of this community.

• High dropout rates affect the wellbeing of our entire community.

• It means understanding that when any part of this community is struggling financially, it affects prosperity for us all.

• It means seeing that drug addiction, teen pregnancy and family violence are problems that ripple throughout our community and that we can work together to address the conditions that contribute to these problems.

• Because we have a stake in our community, we have a stake in all these things, and a responsibility to do our part.

• We can use our voice and our vote to speak up for education funding, for fair wages, for prevention programs for physical and mental health…

• Together we can make a difference.

But How?

Lend your voice. Share United Way of Weld County programs and successes with the community. Advocacy isn’t always about influencing public officials. It’s also about advocating for the common good of our community within our community. If you feel strongly about something, stand up for it. If you disagree with someone, respect their opinion but defend yours with conversation. The end result will be a more knowledgeable community.

Advocate where you already are talking. LIKE us on Facebook! Include us in ads. Show support in email signatures, signage, receipt tape, table tents, etc. Get involved with United Way of Weld County.

Here are a few ways you can help us spread the word about the work we are doing in advancing the common good…

• Share a fact sheet
• Put issue on Board agenda
• Sign up for additional information on the issue
• Host an early learning briefing
• Forward our eNewsletter (sign up here if you don’t get it yet)
• Share in conversation
• Share on your blog
• Comment online in related articles or posts
• Post/repost on Facebook (LIKE us here if you haven’t yet)
• Tweet or reTweet (follow us here if you don’t yet)

INDIVIDUAL ENGAGEMENT:  Build more personal and relevant connections with current and prospective individuals so that they become inspired to sign on for the cause and committed to act on the work of United Way of Weld County.

COMPANY ENGAGEMENT: Show your community commitment by taking a stance. No need to be controversial! Supporting education, income and health are a concern everyone can appreciate. Show your employees, customers and future customers that you care.

NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION ENGAGEMENT: Your organization is a big part of our community. Use your voice to make a difference and use United Way of Weld County to amplify the message by relating your mission to advancing the common good.