The 20 Promises

  1. To help improve the well being of every child in Weld County.
  2. To help educate our entire community about the importance of early childhood development between the ages of 0-6 years old.
  3. To help parents become their child’s first and most important teacher.
  4. To help families raise happy, healthy children, regardless of family wealth.
  5. That every family will have the access to the necessary resources to prepare their children to enter school.
  6. That every mother will have access to information and resources for good pre-natal and post natal health services.
  7. To help parents learn positive parenting skills in our community.
  8. To help women become good mothers and role models.
  9. To help men become good fathers and role models.
  10. To help child care professionals provide the quality care our children deserve.
  11. To help create home environments that help children to reach their true potential.
  12. To help children have access to quality health care resources and affordable immunizations.
  13. To help parents understand and respond to the needs of their child.
  14. To help parents provide a predictable world for their child.
  15. To help all children obtain the school readiness skills they need to succeed in school.
  16. To provide parents with information that can help keep their child safe in all situations.
  17. To help provide information and resources to families about nutrition and healthy eating habits.
  18. To help educate every family about the effects of smoking and second hand smoke on the health of their children.
  19. To educate parents about the importance of reading and singing to their child every day.
  20. To help parents understand the community resources that are available to them, and guide them through the process so they can receive essential services for their families.