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  1. Volunteer Opportunity Guide - This is a compiled list of all opportunities per agency. Each organization receives one entry that lists your mission and a short list of volunteer opportunities, without details. It is meant to drive individuals to your website or to call/email for more information. United Way of Weld County reserves the right to abbreviate your volunteer opportunities to fit into this format.
  2. Volunteer App - This application is currenlty supported by iPhone and iPad, and soon for Android. Potential volunteers can browse opportunities (the same that are listed in eVolunteer) and call or email your organization directly from their mobile device.



DOVIA stands for Directors of Volunteers in Agencies and is the premier professional association for volunteer leaders, managers and administrators. DOVIA serves its members, and the nonprofit and volunteer community through advocacy, community awareness, education, and strengthening partnerships in the field of volunteer engagement. DOVIA is an extensive network of volunteer managers. Our goal is to provide a variety of ways to further your journey to excellence in volunteer engagement. For more information on DOVIA Colorado, click here.


Attend an Education Series or Idea Exchange - Beginning in January 2015, DOVIA Weld County will be hosting Education Series and Idea Exchange sessions to promote networking and professional development. We encourage all participants to join DOVIA membership to receive all DOVIA benefits. Check back soon for details on upcoming sessions.


Join DOVIA Weld County Advisory Council - DOVIA Weld County is always looking for motivated individuals to join the Advisory Council to guide DOVIA Weld County in a positive and forward-thinking direction. Click here to learn more about joining the Advisory Council.


Have questions? - Connect with Melody Storgaard, DOVIA Colorado Board Representative for Weld County. Melody is with the American Red Cross for Northeastern Colorado. For questions regarding membership, professional development sessions, or any other DOVIA-related inquiry, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



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