Child Care Financial Assistance Program

This program has been suspended until further funds are available


Did you know that Colorado ranks as the fourth most expensive state for infant center care? Are you struggling to pay for your child’s care while you work and/or go to school full-time?

In the United States nearly 11 million children under age five are in child care each week. The cost of child care continues to increase while families struggle to afford quality care. In Colorado the average annual cost of infant care is 47.9% of the median income for a one-parent family and 15.2% for a two-parent family; Colorado is the fourth most expensive state for infant center care based on the cost of child care as a percentage of state median income for a two-parent family. While the first three years of a child’s life are a critical time of growth and development that set the stage for school readiness, to stay employed or in school many families must compromise quality in order to afford child care.

Child Care Financial Assistance provides funds to help low-income working families and full-time students afford licensed child care, ensuring children have access to quality early care, and parents can achieve their goals of personal and financial independence.

The program is available to low-income families in Weld County with parents that are either working and/or attending school full-time who are unable to access assistance from the Weld County Department of Human Services. Funding assistance is available for up to two years, and is based on the availability of funds and eligibility criteria.

According to Zero to Three and the Center for Law and Social Policy, “parents who need to access care due to employment or training/education obligations are much more productive when their children are in care arrangements that they trust and that foster and support development. Children, in turn, benefit as they have an opportunity to form relationships with child care providers who understand the vital role they play in supporting all aspects of a young child’s development.”

Goal 1: Parents are better able to remain employed or to further their education.
Goal 2: Children receive high quality child care.
Goal 3: Increased household stability and greater likelihood for self-reliance.


If you’re interested in learning more about the Child Care Financial Assistance Program please contact 970-353-4300.