Two-Hundred-Fifty Volunteers Complete 26 Projects at United Way of Weld County Day of Action

Two-hundred-fifty people volunteered and worked on 26 projects in Greeley, Evans, Windsor, Eaton and Frederick during United Way of Weld County’s annual Day of Action on June 16-17. It was the first time Day of Action was held for two days by UWWC. The sponsors and agencies, as well as the individuals, retirees, families and youth who registered to volunteer turned out during the two days.
“United Way cannot succeed without the passion and the time and the treasure of people from the community,” said Jeff Brady, volunteer engagement manager for United Way Worldwide who visited Greeley from Alexandria, Va. “To be a visitor and to be welcomed into a community like this and make a place better than you found it is pretty awesome. Our fight for the health, education and financial stability of every person in every community really comes out on days like Day of Action.”

Brady worked on the Born Learning Trail at Bittersweet Park and Allen Park in Greeley. “Whether it be family members, school children and employees, it doesn’t happen if we don’t work together,” Brady said. “A fight against the troubles that we have in our community can’t be won without the community pitching in with all of that talent. It’s awesome to see that families are here and people are coming out to make a difference. A Friday and a Saturday and hundreds of volunteers coming out when they can spend it doing other things, but instead improving the conditions of a park and doing other kinds of projects around the community is electrifying.”

Megan McClanahan and Shane Dunkel, employees at Professional Finance Company in Greeley, have volunteered with their two children (Tyler Dunkel, 13, and Madison McClanahan, 10) at Day of Action for the past six years. “Their two children have kind of grown up with this,” Brady said.

Megan McClanahan said volunteering for Day of Action is special for her family. “We love working with the community and doing different projects,” said Meghan as she sprayed paint to brighten up the Born Learning Trail. “We love the exposure that it gives the kids. Yesterday we were at the Weld Food Bank packing 296 food boxes. We spent three hours over there. They can see the impact of their work.”