Debey and Shropshire receive Volunteers of the Year Award from United Way of Weld County

United Way of Weld County named Judy Debey and Carol Shropshire the 2015 Volunteers of the Year during its Mad Hatter’s Ball and 75th anniversary celebration on March 19 at Island Grove Events Center in Greeley.

The award is presented to a volunteer who shows longevity of involvement in United Way of Weld County. For the past 20 years in what is now the Bright by Three program, Debey and Shropshire have volunteered for United Way of Weld County by making home visits to new parents and their babies educating those parents on early child care and helping them with the child’s development. “The Bright by Three program was my priority volunteer opportunity when I retired from teaching,” Debey said. “Parent education and what Bright by Three does for families are important. It’s my privilege to volunteer for them.” Debey said the home visits to new parents and their babies for Bright by Three gives the volunteer an insight into the families’ environment. She said taking a packet of educational information to the parents, which includes a book to encourage reading, child development, health and more, as well as a keepsake blanket (embroidered by volunteers) for the baby makes the visits special.


Shropshire’s home visits with new parents for Bright by Three have been extremely satisfying to her. “Bright by Three has been studied and has been proven that the program makes a positive difference in the lives of young children and families,” Shropshire said. “Bright by Three has provided me an outlet to use my education and experience volunteering in my area of child and family health. Each visit is challenge and therefore an opportunity to figure out how I can support the family, provide meaningful information and connect them to appropriate community resources.”