United Way of Weld County and FamilyWize hit $1 million savings milestone for Weld residents

United Way of Weld County and FamilyWize Community Service Partnership, an organization focused on improving the health and well-being of individuals, families and communities, announced that Weld County residents have saved more than $1 million on prescription medication costs from the successful partnership between the two organizations over the last decade. United Way of Weld County has been administering the program since October 2006.

“United Way of Weld County is committed to helping people be financially stable and healthy,” said Jeannine Truswell, president and CEO of United Way of Weld County. “FamilyWize is a program that enables us to achieve this goal. Saving Weld County residents $1 million over nine years is a significant concrete result.”

FamilyWize, a long-time partner of United Way, works with nearly 1,000 local United Ways to help make all Food and Drug Administration-approved prescription medication more affordable for individuals with high prescription costs through the free FamilyWize prescription savings card. Over the years, FamilyWize and United Way have partnered to help more than 8.8 million people save more than $933 million on the prescription medications they need.

Current numbers in Weld County from the United Way of Weld County partnership with FamilyWize include:
• $1,003,987 savings on prescription medications since October 2006
• 10,133 people helped
• 55,210 claims

“Unfortunately, there are families and seniors in our community who struggle to pay for their basic needs,” Truswell said. “Anytime we can help people manage their budgets and resources, it is important. That’s why we formed a partnership with FamilyWize. Their free prescription savings card can reduce the costs of prescriptions for anyone who uses it.”

For more information on the FamilyWize prescription savings card and its partnership with United Way, contact United Way of Weld County community impact coordinator Melanie Falvo at (970) 304-6167 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Prescription savings cards are available at United Way of Weld County, 814 9th St., from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

“We’re excited to see the people of Weld County realize the benefits of our savings card,” said Susan Gilmore, executive director of community engagement at FamilyWize. “We hope that they continue to use the card and share it with others, as it can provide a significant savings.”

FamilyWize cards immediately lower the cost of medicine by an average of 42 percent and potentially more for people without insurance or who take medications not covered by their plan. Just by presenting the FamilyWize card at their local pharmacy, customers save on the cost of their prescription medicine, no strings attached.

The FamilyWize prescription savings card is accepted nationwide at more than 60,000 pharmacies and can be used by anyone, including people with Medicaid or Medicare, and not just people without insurance. The use of the FamilyWize Prescription Savings Card is unlimited, does not require any personal information from the user and has no eligibility criteria. To take advantage of the savings that FamilyWize offers, consumers can print a card from FamilyWize.org, can call 1-866-810-3784 and request a card to be sent to them, or the card can be downloaded from the free FamilyWize app.

FamilyWize also offers a drug price lookup tool, an online resource to compare prescription medication prices and find the local pharmacy with the lowest price. Consumers can access the tool on FamilyWize.org or through the FamilyWize app.