Roy Otto Wildcat 2Greeley City Manager Roy Otto answered the challenge from the city's employees with a resounding roar when it came time to celebrate the employee campaign for United Way of Weld County. At the request of the city's employees, Otto dressed up as the wildcat mascot from Greeley Central High School, not an easy thing to do since he graduated from Greeley West in 1983 and wears his Spartans pride on his sleeve.
The city's employees raised $40,688.43, the most since 2004, for the UWWC community campaign, which has a goal to raise $3.2 million in 2015-16. This year's total raised by the employees was more than 100 percent over the 2010 total just under $20,000.

Otto said building a relationship with the community is so important. "I can't think of very many better ways to do that than supporting United Way," Otto said. "You guys are out there on a day-to-day basis really meeting the needs of kids and families and the like, and we really tried to push that. I decided to get a little bit more involved in the campaign this year. There were three other potential tortures set up if we went over the $40,000 level."

Other challenges discussed were for Otto to dress up as a woman, to have his retired barber cut his hair any way he wanted to and to get soaked in a dunk tank in November."Part of Roy’s challenge was that he would participate in one of four activities if we reached a certain amount," said Valerie Scheffer, senior administrative specialist for the Greeley community development department and the employee campaign co-chairwoman along with Pilar de Jesus of the city's culture parks and recreation department. "Four jars were placed at City Hall. Once our goal was met, the jar with the most money in it was the thing that Roy would do. He’s a dyed-in-the-wool Greeley West Spartan, so this is a form of punishment for him. He was very gracious."


An open house was held for two hours at City Hall on Tuesday (Nov. 3) where Otto (aka Mr. Wildcat) did a meet-and-greet with staff and the public. Steve Williams of JBS donated 20 pizzas for the open house. Otto's day as Mr. Wildcat was scheduled to end when he ran through a paper banner before the city council meeting Tuesday night.Amanda Lalonde, wellness coordinator for the city and a Greeley Central graduate, said it was great to see Otto dressed up as a wildcat because he gives her a hard time about being a Central alumna. "We had a great couple of different competitions. It was fun," said Lalonde of the employee campaign in September. "It was a good campaign." Verniece Thomas, resource development account manager for United Way, said the City of Greeley ran an exceptional campaign. "Their enthusiasm and participation exemplifies their commitment to the community," Thomas said.