211 Not just for those in need

Everyday our community reaches out in some way that impacts those who are in need. 
We received a call from the Hampton Inn mid-December. They had held an employee-driven clothing and supplies drive and wanted to give us the proceeds. Of course we said yes! Not knowing how to distribute them, we contacted 211, right here in our own office, and found a local clothing bank in need of donations. When we told the Executive Director at the clothing about the donation she was speechless and nearly in tears. 
That very morning a mother had called 211 looking for clothes for her three daughters, two toddlers and a 16-year-old.  211 had referred her to the clothing bank. Call it coincidence, serendipity, or just great timing - but we delivered nearly 50 pounds of girls' clothes, ranging from toddler sizes to teen!
It goes to show how much we rely on each other in this community; from donors like you and the Hampton Inn to our 211 team, to the programs and services at local agencies, and ultimately the community members who need our help.  Thank you!