Workplace Campaigns

The Building Blocks of Workplace Campaigns

Building Blocks Three smWorkplace giving through United Way of Weld County has long provided employees like yours a convenient opportunity to give back to the community where they work. Every workplace campaign is different and can be shaped around your organization’s culture. Setting up and running a campaign is simple and we can help you every step of the way.

Most campaigns are easily set up so that employees can contribute through payroll deductions. There is also an easy-to-use online tool “E-Way” for your employees to enter their pledges with just a few clicks.

Many companies double their impact by matching their employees' giving dollar for dollar. Check with your human resources department to see if your company will match your gift.

Why United Way of WeldCounty?

Partnering with a nationally known and trusted charity like United Way to meet your corporate social responsibility and philanthropic objectives is an effective way to make a difference right here in Weld County. And, our work helps to build a secure social foundation so businesses like yours can attract and retain workers and consumers.

For more than 60 years United Way of Weld County has successfully tapped into the power of collective generosity to provide creative, long-term solutions to meet the most pressing needs in our communities.

Conducting a United Way of Weld County workplace giving campaign is a great way to get your employees involved in your community. Research shows that employees want to work for a company that cares about the community. No company is too small – you can have 2 employees or 200.

When you join with others your contribution has more impact. Your investment, because it is combined with the investment of others, has the power to bring about sustainable changes in community conditions.

It’s Easy:


  • Involve your CEO: The support of the company leader is the first step. Have him or her endorse the campaign at a staff meeting or in a letter or email to all staff.



  • Recruit a Campaign Coordinator and/or Campaign Committee: Involve employees in planning the workplace campaign. United Way of Weld County staff and community volunteers will support your efforts sharing ideas that have brought success to other companies.



  • Hold Group Meetings: United Way of Weld County staff and volunteer guest speakers can give a presentation to fit your company needs. Whether 5 minutes or 15 minutes. Speakers can share important information.



  • Offer Payroll Deduction: Offering the opportunity for employees to make contributions through payroll deduction enables employees to be generous and is easy. Employees can even direct their individual gift to the area or agency of their choice.



  • Have Fun: Special Event and Activities can help in team building as well as raise money. Penny wars, “Fear Factor”, challenges, contests, product sales, and auctions can build staff morale.



  • Say Thanks: Send out a thank you letter or email to all staff, display photos of campaign activities or plan an employee thank you event.



Contact United Way of Weld County and we’ll get you connected to a campaign Account Manager who can explore your involvement in United Way of Weld County. 

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